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Need steel with guaranteed durability, tensile strength, and ductility? Tempe’s Best Steel Buildings can solve your steel building needs for you.

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With an array of manufactured and prefabricated steel in a variety of colors to choose from, or custom-built to suit your preferences – Whether it is steel warehouse or steel garages you need, we do our utmost to provide it for you. Rest assured, we aim to please.

The foundation at which this steel building construction company was built is solid.

Unshakable as the steel it manufactures with integrity and dependability. It is instilled and coated for good measure. Our vast experience in this industry has and still is ensuring 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

We have made steel more efficient as product and application.

Aside from our steel building kits, which we offer a variety of profiles, we also offer galvanized steel, galvalume, copper, aluminum, and coatings to ensure non-corrosion—steel panels for residential, commercial, agricultural, architectural, industrial, recreational purposes.

In-house Engineering

We provide in-house engineering that brings innovation to your project by working closely with you to develop your steel building design.

 Our commitment to sustainability enables us to ensure that products can be reused, recycled, or remanufactured without affecting their properties.

Steel building kits, anyone?

In today’s fast-paced economy, starting a residential or business venture requires the least amount of time that it can be started. Steel building kits or prefabricated engineered buildings such as prefab warehouse, steel car garage, and prefabricated metal homes.

 A steel building kit is an ideal solution for entrepreneurs looking to build a coffee shop or an automotive shop. They come in a variety of sizes to accommodate your needs. Everything is described and identified in the instruction manual, and it would be so easy to install. 

 You will be surprised at how much fun you have.

These kits are the answer to your busy and fast-paced lifestyle. When time is of the essence to you, surely Steel Building is the answer. They can attend to your steel building needs without disturbing your business transactions or family celebration. The building is sure to stand at no hassle to you.


Why opt for steel buildings?


Durability of steel complying to industry standard practices was demonstrated in various exposure tests in both the field and laboratory. Excellent service life thus, is ensured for properly designed and constructed steel structures. Furthermore, building codes and industry standards require that steel structures are designed to tolerate corrosion. If conditions arise that will affect its duration and serviceability, such as in marine and industrial atmospheres, protection against corrosion like barrier coatings may be applied.

Modern steel construction is also mold and vermin- resistant. Being inorganic is not a source of nutrients for them to thrive and grow.



Since steel is highly-durable, the bigger investment initially will be offset by its low maintenance and labor cost ultimately. Prefab steel structures are easier to maintain. Compared to wood, it will win hands down. Steel framing is not vulnerable to termites since it is inorganic and does not provide a food source for them.

With a stronger foundation, it is less prone to natural calamities and disasters like fire, earthquakes, floods, and storms. Hence, less insurance money will be allotted for it than other building materials. Much inspection and maintenance are not required, as well. Its faster construction also saves on labor costs.


Dimensional Stability:

Steel is a dimensionally-stable material since it does not expand or contract with moisture content. It has the same dimensional properties in all directions – up and down, side-to-side, and in all loading directions. Due consideration is given particularly for mid-rise structures with steel frames since any movement, whether structural or mechanical, can be disastrous and downright expensive. Using any other material may shrink or swell with changes in temperature or relative humidity, not steel.


Environment- friendly:

Steel is recyclable and no matter how many times steel is recycled, the properties remain unchanged. Being highly magnetic, it is easily-recoverable in the waste stream to be recycled. Likewise, steel requires relatively low amounts of energy to produce. Innovative lightweight steels (such as those used in automobiles and buildings) help save energy and resources. Steel products and steel components can be reused, remanufactured or recycled.



Extension or conversion of a building, whether horizontally or vertically, is easier with steel frames than concrete structures. Likewise, floor space is not reduced when support beams are strengthened.



Speed of Construction:

With our team’s expertise, steel buildings are constructed relatively fast, especially when prefab steel construction is required. Despite the complexity and size of the particular building project, still, erecting a steel building can be accomplished at comparatively shorter duration.


Joseph Ventura, Contractor/ Entrepreneur

“Steel building Tempe has the widest variety of metal roofing products anywhere in the USA. I should know. Being a seasoned contractor has never failed me in all my steel needs, especially prefabricated building materials. It is more than a steel building company; it sees to the project along the way.”

Betty Jones, Entrepreneur

“I surprised myself this month. I purchased a DIY product and it amazed me how easy and simple the instruction manual was. I have installed it without any incident. Steel Building Tempe, truly, has your best interest at heart.”

Richard Whitehead, Entrepreneur

“I wanted to expand my business but was hesitant at first. I preferred a prefab steel warehouse to store my goods and equipment. My friend referred me to Steel building Tempe and I wasn’t disappointed. They have installed it in no time. I don’t have to worry about my stocks anymore. They know metal inside and out.”

James Rivers, Architect

“Steel Building Tempe is just amazing! They truly deliver. Unlike other steel building erector, they make sure every panel matches up with adjacent panels. You get the services straight up! And affordable, too.”

How does a Steel Building Kit work?

The company can also ship the materials to you directly, saving you time and money – time that could be spent in other worthy undertakings.

 You will also have the feeling that you have done your corporate responsibility in answering the ecological call of sustainability. You have purchased a product that is environment-friendly, reusable, recyclable, and capable of being remanufactured.

All these you can get from Steel Building Tempe.

Utilizing the excellent quality materials;  we do set ourselves above the competitors. We also work with the premium technology to fabricate, to have creative designs and to erect your steel building. Our customization is second to none: from simple but unique designs to the most architecturally contemporary and advanced steel buildings.




We want to take your vision to the next level, making sure you receive high quality results that last a lifetime.

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